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Nat Says..

Thank you so much for inviting us to try out football sessions with you all today! Ethan had a ball (full temper tantrum on the stairs as he decided he was not leaving today).

Rod and I were so impressed with your team and their patience! I teach childcare for a local college and your team are amazing!!!

Ethan would love to start football when we return from holiday on 1/6/13. We hope he will have his listening ears on. He Defo needs routine!

Once again thank you all so much for your warm welcome!

​Sharon says​​..

“I thought football for (‘terrible’) 2 year olds would be a nightmare! Nevertheless, I was encouraged by my friend to give it a go. So in June, I took my 2 year old to a free session in Streatham before going on a 3 week holiday.

My 2 year absolutely loved it!!! and although I felt a little embarrassed that he didn't seem to get the listening element of the class he did not stop talking about football for the entire holiday.

When we came back we signed up to our local Croydon class and the improvement in his listening; communication; motor skills and confidence has been amazing!!


Agne says​..

Only went for couple of times so far but really enjoyed it.

I think it is great for children, especially if they are boys and need to learn to listen to the rules.

I think it is great for children, especially if they are boys and need to learn to listen to the rules.

Lovely staff. I can recommend to anyone!"

Nicola says..​

Totstars in Croydon provide a fantastic hour full of fun ways of learning..

My son & daughter love it! The coaches are great with children & the children learn not only football but team skills, ball skills, counting, colours, left & right, patience & listening!

I have no hesitation in recommending Thuli & the team.. Come & have some fun watching your kids!


Sally says..

We had our first experience of Thulli at Beanies Café on Sunday with Tennis, and he was fantastic with Hollie and Ethan!.

Everyday they are asking how many more days until they can go back.

​Rachael says​..

A really great class- both fun and engaging - as well as being great value for money!

My 2 year old cant wait to go back to his next one!!!

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