TotStars History


Totstars is the lifelong dream of Coach Thuli ‘Chilli’ Bobb. In 2009, after any years of planning, he opened the first Totstars Academy in Keeley Road, Croydon. It’s the first of its kind in the UK and a very unique place. His aim then as it is now, was to give children an early introduction to sport, to get them interested, to get them active, encourage a healthy lifestyle and help to reduce the UK’s inactivity and obesity problems.

Since opening, thousands of children have come through the Totstars doors – at Keeley Road, plus as we expanded, in other places too. We provide weekly sessions to thousands of children in nurseries and schools where we run lessons and sessions, plus we’re out on Saturdays running weekend football, tennis and basketball to kids across the area in many different venues.And not forgetting – all the children we’ve had so much fun with at their birthday parties!

“I just love being with kids, teaching them and seeing how they respond to sport. I want every child to have the opportunity to enjoy sport, bring it into their life and carry it through to adulthood. The UK’s inactivity and obesity worries me and I hope that by getting into sport at an early age, many children will grow up fitter and healthier. “I’m so excited every week, seeing all of our Totstars and always have new plans for the future – I can’t sit still either!”

Thuli Bobb
Totstars founder

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Totstars Academy 2015

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 41-42 Keeley Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1TF

Pre school: 020 3784 1883
Office: 020 8684 6682
Mobile: 07540 932 356