About Us

Totstars is the lifelong dream of Coach Thuli. Totstars was born in 2009 and started as a football coaching club for 2-5 year old. Coach Thuli started Totstars by coaching a handful of children in a small hall above Barclays Bank in Streatham, South London. Week by week, month by month the classes began to grow and he began to gain popularity with children and families. After many years of coaching in nurseries schools and holiday camps Totstars slowly emerged as a popular activity for children as t focussed its classes on fun, fun and more fun! Since then the Totstars coaches now visit over 40 nurseries and schools each week, coaching over 3000 children! Coach Thuli and his team run weekend sessions, birthday parties and holiday camps for children across different venues.

Coach Thuli had a desire to not only create a sports coaching company but a company that focussed on providing opportunities for children to learn through play in every area of their lives. This lead him to open the U.K’s first sports specific Ofsted registed Pre School in Croydon, South London. Coach Thuli had spent many years visiting nurseries and pre schools sharing his passion of teaching the importance of sport in early years before finally deciding to open his very own Ofsted registered setting. At the Totstars Sports Pre School the children are taught following the EYFS curriculum whilst having an opportunity to engage in structured sports lessons every day from the tender age of 2 years old. Coach Thuli firmly believes that all children should have the opportunity to engage in sports from a young age as it forms the foundation of a healthy life, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s the first sports pre-school in the UK and a very unique place, led by qualified early years practitioners as well as FA qualified coaches. His aim then as it is now, is to give children aged 18 months – 7 years, an early introduction to sport to get them interested, to get them active, encourage a healthy lifestyle and help to reduce the UK’s inactivity and obesity problems.

Most recently, Coach Thuli has added the Toby’s Adventure Club to Totstars family of businesses. This was his way to truly release the child in him forever! He regularly reminds everyone that he is like Peter Pan and he intends to never grow up!

In 2018 he launched the indoor adventure playground for under 7’s in Streatham, South London. Here children can enjoy free play on the handmade wooden structures which include a clatter bridge, slide, traversing wall and indoor sandpit to name a few! Coach Thuli’s desire was to create a safe but challenging space for children to play, grow and learn! At the Toby’s Adventure Club the children are encouraged to take risks.

No Risk…..No Adventure!

Totstars Academy have designed a state of the art Sports
Academy for children to explore various sports and activities
at a grassroots level, by qualified child coaches.