Club Rules

As a child, my mum always said that “rules allowed me to be safe whilst having fun”. Please consider our house rules as seatbelts to keep your child safe whilst they are enjoying their time at the Adventure Club.

We want Toby’s Adventure Club to be a place of relaxed enjoyment, fun, social connection and discoveries! In light of this we know more fun and enjoyment will be had by all when our customers follow our guidelines and policies.

Friends entering The Adventure Club acknowledge the inherent risks present in an indoor play environment. While The Adventure Club works diligently to provide a safe environment for all, certain risks, whether inherent in the facility itself or caused by the actions of other friends, are unavoidable. By using our facility, customers shall indemnify The Adventure Club and its employees, agents and officers against any and all liability incurred by any negligent or willful act of the customer, caregiver, child, or other person. A complete copy of this Terms of Use and Liability Waiver is posted at the Adventure Cub, on our website and is also available upon request from any team member.

Terms of Use:

The Adventure Club reserves the right to refuse service to a customer whose presence detracts from the safety, welfare, and well-being of other customers and the club itself. The Adventure Club reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use and Liability Waiver from time to time.

Playground Pride

  1. Slides go down! Climbing up or standing on the slide puts children and others at risk.
  2. Kindness is King! Children and adults will be kind, respectful, and conscious of the safety of all friends. Rough play or bullying will NOT be tolerated. Those unable to comply will be asked to leave the premises.
  3. Fairness is Fun! All children and adults will play according to posted rules.
  4. Toys are for home. Safety is our highest priority. We would encourage you to ensure that no outside toys of any kind are brought into the Adventure Club.
  5. Food is for the Cafe. Adults and children are not permitted to eat food in playground area. Food and drink should be consumed in the cafe/seating area and not taken into the playground.

Adventure Club Policies:

  • Children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times at the Adventure Club. We encourage children to be free to play and take calculated risks. Our moto is “No Risk…No Adventure” and we believe that children can benefit from supervised risk taking which will help them develop and grow. Therefore, you will notice that our play frames have an element of challenge and risk for parents to supervise how much support to give.
  • Children who are not easily consoled must be taken out of the playground area by their parents or caregivers.
  • Children must follow the rules of the playground and respect staff reinforcement.

Our Safety Rules:

    1. Empty your pockets and remove all jewelry including rings, necklaces and earrings before entering the playground.
    3. SOCKS ONLY! No bare feet and no shoes! The Adventure Club provides specifically designed grip socks that should be worn whilst using the playground.
    4. This playground has been designed for children with safety in mind and the frames are able to take adults weight. If you need to help your child please feel free to enter the playground. If you are worried that you

may have too much fun…please ask an Adventure Play-worker and they will assist your child.

  • Please watch for little ones and be respectful.
  • No climbing on the outside of the structure.
  • Mind your children. Parents are responsible for their children’s actions and behavior.
  • No stopping IN the slides and no climbing UP the slides.
  • If you cannot reach it, climb it, then don’t.
  • No toys, gum, food or drink in the playground.
  • No hooded sweaters or clothing with drawstrings that could get caught somewhere.
  • No throwing of sand.




Outside food or drinks are to remain outside The Adventure Club. We make every effort to accommodate the needs of all our gluten and allergen-free friends. We will allow packaged baby food, water, and formula in cups from home for babies and toddlers.

Adults and children must strive to keep all customers and staff healthy and well. Customers should not enter the facility with a known, contagious illness and The Adventure Club reserves the right to ask customers who are sick to leave the premises if their illness poses a risk to other users of the facility. Customers also accept the risk of general exposure to common viruses as a inherent possibility in a playground facility.

We appreciate your conscious effort to keep our facility clean and germ-free. Please use the available hand sanitizers before entering the play area. Thoroughly wash hands after eating and every restroom visit.

Nappy changes must take place ONLY in the bathrooms. It’s just better that way.

Adults must have a child! All adults entering the play space must be there because of a child they are responsible for. Adults are also responsible to supervise their children at all times. Staff are there for general and group supervision, but parents must be present for full responsibility of each child.

Please remember to go home with all that belongs to you. The Adventure Club will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost and found items are collected at the end of each day and placed in the lost and found box.

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