Sports Pre School

Is an educational setting for 2-5 year olds where we aim to encourage a love long passion for education and sport whilst instilling the belief that sport and activity are integral to achieving a healthy mind, healthy body and a healthy life.

We believe that the new Totstars Pre School will be a Pre School like no other, as we aim to combine Education & Sport for pre-schoolers in a way that has not been done before. We believe that all children learn and express themselves differently and for that reason should be taught in a way that best suits their learning style.

We believe that there are sooo many positives to gain from sport and research suggests that sport and an active lifestyle for children is important, yet has been easily forgotten:

  • Children’s physical activity has decreased over the last 30 years by 70%
  • 27.7% of children in England aged between two and 10 are overweight
  • 50% of young people do not receive two hours of PE a week
  • Children spend an average of 5.5 hours a day in front of a TV or computer
  • It is predicted that kids born today will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents
  • due to inactivity and diet

What makes us different?

Totstars are well known for our great sports coaching classes in nurseries and schools, encouraging children to love sport and consider the benefits.

The Totstars pre-school will daily combine sport and the EYFS curriculum by encouraging children to be active. Every day your child will be taught following the EYFS curriculum and focussing on the 7 areas of learning as well as having the opportunity to benefit from all our sports equipment ranging from balls, rackets, balancing beams, fitness apparatus, balance bikes etc as well as structured all-inclusive sports coaching.

I guess it wouldn’t be right for us not to practice what we preach! So we have done just that! Totstars have embarked on a massive new project that sees our two main passions joined together. We have launched a Sports Specific Pre School which aims to combine sport and education in a more specific way.

Every day children will have the opportunity to participate in all sports including football, tennis basketball and multi sports, delivered by our superb team of FA qualified coaches.

Totstars sport preschool aim to be the leading provider of early years education whilst consistently promoting physical health and well-being. Our highly qualified staff support every child’s individual needs by allowing them the freedom of choice and growth within a safe and happy environment.

We aim to instill morals and values to enable children to continue through their education with the necessary skills to promote life long learning and healthy lifestyle choices.

We advocate a sense of belonging and strive to develop self esteem through fun, love, respect teamwork and equality.

For more information please fill in our form on the left hand side of this page or contact us on 020 8684 8862 or email us at:

Daily Routine

Totstars pre-school daily routine:

9.15am – 9.35am – registration/ circle time

9.35am – 10.00am – free play

10.00am – outdoor visit

10.30am – snack time

10.45am – focus activity

11.10am – 11.30am – free play

11.30am – 12.00pm – sports training

12.00pm – 12.15pm – story/quiet time/ reflection of the day

12.15pm – home time

Healthy Snack!

Water will be available to the children all day, as will extra fruit if they are hungry after snack times. Here at Totstars, we like to encourage independence and preparation for school, we like children to have a go at pouring their own drinks, cutting up their own fruit and making their own choices.

Learning through play

Play helps young children to learn and develop through doing and talking, which research has shown to be the means by which young children learn to think. Our setting uses the practice guidance Early Years Foundation Stage to plan and provide a range of play activities which help children to make progress in each of the areas of learning and development. In some of these activities children decide how they will use the activity and, in others, an adult takes the lead in helping the children to take part in the activity. In all activities information from the practice guidance to the Early Years Foundation Stage has been used to decide what equipment to provide and how to provide it.


We assess how young children are learning and developing by observing them frequently. We use information that we gain from observations, as well as from photographs of the children, to document their progress and where this may be leading them. We believe that parents know their children best and we ask them to contribute to assessment by sharing information about what their children like to do at home and how they as parents are supporting development.

We make periodic assessment summaries of children’s achievement based on our ongoing development records. These form part of children’s records of achievement. We undertake these assessment summaries at regular intervals as well as times of transition, such as when a child moves into a different group or when they go on to school.

Records of achievement

The setting keeps a learning journey which is a record of achievement for each child. Staff and parents work together on their children’s learning journeys. This is one of the ways in which the key person and parents work in partnership. Your child’s learning journey helps us to celebrate together her/his achievements and to work together to provide what your child needs for her/his well-being and to make progress.

Your child’s key person will work with you to keep this record. To do this you and she/he will collect information about your child’s needs, activities, interests and achievements. This information will enable the key person to identify your child’s stage of progress. You and the key person will then decide on how to help your child to move on to the next stage.


Totstars Academy have designed a state of the art Sports
Academy for children to explore various sports and activities
at a grassroots level, by qualified child coaches.