Totstars Academy have designed a state of the art Sports
Academy for children to explore various sports and activities
at a grassroots level, by qualified child coaches.

Our new Totstars Pre School will be a Pre School like no
other, as we aim to combine Education & Sport for
pre-schoolers in a way that has not been done before.

Each day, you can expect your child to be coached in
a different sport and activity as well as participate in
exciting and stimulating arts and crafts workshops!

Where BIG kids teach little kids!
Totstars is a fun and dynamic sports coaching company that teaches sport to children
between the ages of 2 and 7. At Totstars, we believe it is vital that children are encouraged
to participate in team activities from a young age to set the foundations and build key
qualities that are needed in their adult life. Totstars teach over 2000 children per week
in nurseries, pre schools and schools delivering fun and exciting extra curricular activities.

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