In a world where there is no risk…there will be no adventure


Welcome to Toby’s Adventure Club! When Toby isn’t playing football, tennis and basketball with his friends he can be found in his favourite place – The Adventure Club!
The Adventure Club is an activity centre for children between 0-7 years old. The adventure club is full of challenging activities to encourage children to explore and take risks in a safe environment. The adventure club was built with children’s development in mind. We believe that children should be challenged and encouraged to take risks. It is for this reason that we moved away from the popular Softplay frames and opted for our sweet chestnut wooden frames.
The frames were hand-built by our local friends over at Treesaurus. Charlie from Treesaurus were contacted in October 2017 and by March 2018 they had taken our ideas and made them a reality! The hand peeled sweet chestnut frames came from Rogate woods and were carefully built on site to fit our unique design. We will be eternally grateful for to Charlie and his team for bringing our ideas to life!
We have rope bridges, clatter bridges, a 7ft slide and an indoor sandpit to name a few. We also have a toddler Softplay zone perfect for children under 2 year olds.

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Why choose Totstars Adventure Club?

We have designed the Adventure Club to be a comfortable space not just for children but also for mummies and daddies! We have a café that serves hot and cold food and drinks for adults and children. The Toby’s Adventure Club is perfect for:

Please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, why not pop in and have a play…Did we mention that the frames take adult weight!! (hint hint)

We had a fantastic time at Toby's yesterday afternoon. Both my boys 1 and 5 year olds, had lots of fun on the adventure play and playing in the sand. Even had a go on the slide myself. Soft play area is lovely for climbing and rolling around. Love the layout as you can have a nice hot drink and a bite to eat, whilst keeping an eye on the children, staff are lovely and friendly, and around to give a helping hand. It’s a lovely environment to be in, and we will definitely be going back soon.”

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